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ADVENTURE No. 1 - Ice Castles! Dillon, Colorado


Explore. Adventure. Crusade. Experience. No matter what word you relate with the most, Colorado never lacks for opportunities to quench the most adventurous spirit. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a city lover, or both (like myself), our gem of a state is what continues to attract new residents, businesses, and make our economy and real estate market incredibly robust. Being a “transplant” to Colorado, I especially appreciate the combination of things I missed out on until I moved here in 2006 -- the endless outdoor activities, a vibrant metropolitan city, quaint communities, a strong economy, safe neighborhoods, fantastic schools, a culture of kindness. . . The list could go on. I must admit, however, that it hasn’t been until the last few years that my thirst to dive deeper into the “go-to” attractions, as well as find new and lesser known attractions, has sky-rocketed.

I’m excited to announce the launch of something I’m calling the “Colorado Exploration Series.” My angle is to educate, entertain, connect, and share in experiences with any of you who want to follow along! Ideas, activities, information, locations, activities, prices, links -- these are all things that will be meshed within it all. And, of course, I’m going to add in details on different cities and neighborhoods for anyone hoping to move here or learn more about their current community.

As a single mom of four kids that I’ve raised here and spent years taking to zoos, libraries, parks, drive-able road trips -- all the kid things. I know a lot about the Front Range and surrounding areas, especially having lived in both the south and north sides of the metro Denver area. I’ll be drawing on past experiences, using my personal opinions and preferences, as well as jumping in at my current stage of life, including things I haven’t been doing until recently, as my kids are older now. Think: restaurants, comedy, sports, concerts, bars, art exhibits, lion feedings.

Just kidding. Lion feedings are for my kids when they’re in trouble. (Did you know there are actually lions here in Colorado, NOT at the zoo?!) I’ll show you.

Finally, for those of you here for the Ice Castles, here is your link for the website so you can find out more info and sign up for their newsletter to be notified each year of their ticket sales! If you found this post and haven’t followed me on my social media, pop over there and find the video from 2/12/2021 for a quick visual treat!

If you want to follow along on this series, I promise to show you a good time since exploring Colorado couldn’t be more fun!

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